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Kittens & Puppies
for new owners


It’s so exciting having a new kitten or puppy and we love seeing families coming together! When you have a new fur-child these are the things to consider:

Feeding: We recommend kitten or puppy food until 1 year of age. We have a number of brands of food and can give you specific advice.

Vaccination: We recommend vaccinations from 6 weeks of age. Please contact the clinic for bookings and advice.

Deworming: We recommend deworming every two weeks until 3 months of age, then monthly. After 6 months of age, we recommend deworming every three months. We sell several brands of dewormers.

Defleaing: We have a range of flea products that work well for kittens and puppies- please contact the clinic for more advice.

Handling: We have a lot of knowledge on behaviour and can assist you with tips on handling/ training your pet.

Socialisation: This is so important for pet’s mental health later in life. We recommend safe socialisation for puppies before 12 weeks of age. 

Insurance: Pet insurance can make a real difference- we have information and advice for you.

Desexing: The age at which we recommend desexing depends on the breed of your pet and your individual situation- we can discuss this at the time of vaccination.

Microchipping: By law, puppies must be microchipped. This is often easily done at the time of desexing. We recommend microchipping cats as well.

About Us

Paws & Claws in Warkworth is made up of a small, close-knit team, invested in providing the best care for your pet at our local veterinary clinic.

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